Band Biography

The Super 92’s music is a blend of roots and rock ‘n’ roll styling. “Roots and roll,” if you will. Six and twelve string electric guitars mix with a woody rhythm section and the occasional keyboard. Lyrics range from ballad to blues, often tinged with humour or a turn of phrase. Some of this material is informed by songwriter Robin Woywitka’s experience as a professional archaeologist; a particular perspective on human behaviour is gained while digging up what we throw away. In 2010 Robin went to Mississippi to record tracks with Jimbo Mathus, creator of the Squirrel Nut Zippers and former rhythm guitarist for Buddy Guy. The result was the LP The Impossible Address, a record that one reviewer described as sounding “like Lou Reed fronting the Cars if they were a 60s roots rock band.”

The roots and roll juggernaut that is The Super 92 were formed when Robin returned to Edmonton from recording The Impossible Address record. Craig Kowalchuk (guitar, lap steel, harmonica) and Leighton Blomme (bass) bring an inimitable feel that is bred in the bone. Along with drummer Alex Jumpsen’s sturdy and inventive beats, the Super 92 is the perfect medium for Woywitka’s compositions. The group released Roots & Roll in the fall of 2014 as Robin Woywitka & the Super 92. This record was recorded in Edmonton with Juno nominated producer Stew Kirkwood and Gavin Dunn of local heroes The Hearts. Singer Elise Reneau joined the band shortly after a western Canadian tour in support of Roots & Roll. She has since taken on background and lead vocal duties, as well as some keyboard work. The interplay of Robin and Elise’s voices forms the nucleus of the band’s sound, and this broadened sonic texture prompted the band to drop Robin’s name from their moniker in 2015. Woywitka was just too hard for most people to remember anyway.

The Super 92 loves their audience, and believes that they have to earn your love and attention with every song. They are based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Member Biographies

Robin Woywitka. Robin comes from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He has been a professional archaeologist for 19 years, and this experience informs the way he operates in the Super 92. Always digging, ears open for aural artifacts, and finding a trend in the noise. Robin writes most of the material for the Super 92, sings and plays the guitar.

Alex Jumpsen. Alex’s sense of time is the datum for the Super 92’s sonic map. Without reference to his beat, everyone is lost. His passion for drumming is strong – he teaches children how to play, and helps adults purchase quality instruments. Alex has a music diploma in jazz, pop and rock from Macewan University. Alex also heads the Super 92 social media department, where his witticisms receive great acclaim. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Craig Kowalchuk. Craig also hails from Edmonton, but his musical home is somewhere much farther south. His traditional blues inflected guitar playing is the key ingredient in that soulful Super 92 sound. He is the only member of the band that has successfully changed pants and vehicles mid-gig.

Elise Reneau. Elise handles harmony and lead vocals. It is her range and expression that turn Super 92 songs from black and white to sepia and colour. Although Elise’s roots are in Millwoods, her roll is with the Super 92. She has sung nearly her whole life, and earned a diploma in Vocal Performance from Macewan University in 2011. Her experience as an elementary music teacher also proves invaluable to her during every Super 92 rehearsal.

Leighton Blomme. Providing dulcet bass tones and backing vocals, Leighton is the sonic cartographer of the Super 92. Without his maps, the group would mire itself in the bogs of upper Alberta, and that is hard to hear. Born and raised in Edmonton, he has all the necessary credentials to keep true to the band’s roots. He has an enduring interest in musical performance and theory, earning a Minor in Music from the University of Alberta.